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Nickname: DewittValenti
Status: offline
Benutzertitel: Rank 1
Kontakt: keine Angabe
Name: Lucile Westall
Geschlecht: männlich
Alter: 24.11.1977 (43 Jahre)
Ort: Netherlands Fort Worth
Registriert seit: 08.08.2020 - 02:53
Letzte Anmeldung: 08.08.2020 - 03:22

  • Über mich
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There were many questions and rumors swirling around the shooting and speculation about why Ortiz was targeted, but police
firmly batted those down, clearing Big Papi
of any connection to the alleged suspect who ordered the hit.The Dominican police and prosecutors
had insisted Ortiz was the intended target and dismissed the suspect claim that he meant to shoot someone other than Ortiz.Prosecution spokesman Erick Montilla told CNN that the accused gunman, Rolfi Ferreira Cruz, was inventing a in order to avoid being when Cruz told the media through his jail cell that he got confused by the clothing of Ortiz.can say
whatever he wants in an interview, Montilla said. Matters is the investigation and what
he said in the interrogation If you observe the video (of the shooting) he
goes directly to where the victim is and shoots without hesitation. What changed in a
matter of days? And how was it possible that the hit man didn realize that he was
shooting Ortiz, one of the most recognizable and famous people in the DR?Prosecutors didn answer that
in their long press conference.They said Ortiz was the
victim of a shooting hit gone wrong, and that his friend, Sixto David Fernandez, who was
sitting at the same table, was the intended victim.Fernandez was wearing white pants similar to Big Papi the night of the shooting, and that what confused the gunman, according to prosecutors.So it now a case of mistaken pants?But the day before, Dominican police
identified another fugitive, Alberto Miguel Rodriguez
Mota, as the suspect who paid for the bungled hit.And there are other unresolved questions in the case.Why was Ortiz fraternizing with a man who was allegedly targeted
by a drug cartel fugitive? That connection remains unclear and is bound to raise questions in the coming days..

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Clan: Westall (13)
(Seite: keine Angabe)
IRC Kanal: Appalfmub
Clangeschichte: keine Angabe
Prozessor: 2ghz duo core 2
Mainboard: keine Angabe
Arbeitsspeicher: keine Angabe
Monitor: keine Angabe
Grafikkarte: keine Angabe
Soundkarte: keine Angabe
I-Verbindung: 765 adsl
Tastatur: keine Angabe
Maus: keine Angabe
Mausunterlage: keine Angabe
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